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Marble: Timeless Beauty, Infinite Possibilities as Stone Visionaries


Delve into the world of marbleā€”a timeless material that has been synonymous with luxury and timeless beauty for millennia. At Granite Workshop, we understand and honour the unique character of marble, which has adorned grand edifices, classic sculptures, and modern homes. This page aims to give you an in-depth look at the wonders of marble and why it continues to be a top choice for discerning homeowners, architects, and designers. At Granite Workshop, we go beyond others by applying our legendary stone expertise to inspect the integrity of the stone, its suitability for fabrication, and premium sourcing.  We add further value by meticulously vein-matching every stone piece and seal professionally so you can be assured of the finest quality marble stone and artisan craftsmanship.

What is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock derived from limestone, subjected to high temperature and immense pressure over millions of years. The result is a stone rich in veining, swirls, and nuanced colorations, making each marble slab a unique piece of Earth's artistry.

Why Choose Marble?

  1. Unparalleled Beauty: With its natural veins and whorls, marble exudes an elegance that's hard to replicate.

  2. Durability: Despite its luxurious appearance, marble is hardy and can withstand the test of time when appropriately maintained.

  3. Versatility: From countertops to flooring, wall claddings to art pieces, marble's application is only limited by imagination.

Marble in Design

Marble has the inherent ability to elevate any space. Its interesting vein patterns and vast palette of colors, from pristine whites to deep blacks, with hues of greens, reds, and golds in between, allow it to fit into diverse design aesthetics:

  • Classic Elegance: Think of stately homes or heritage museums where marble's grandeur is showcased.

  • Modern Minimalism: Sleek, polished marble surfaces lend a touch of sophistication to contemporary settings.

  • Eclectic Vibes: Paired with contrasting materials like wood or metal, marble acts as a piece of nature amidst the man-made.


Marble Care and Maintenance

While marble is durable and long lasting, it's essential to treat it with care:

  • Sealing: Regular sealing helps protect its porous surface from staining.

  • Cleaning: Use pH-neutral cleaners; acidic or abrasive cleaners can etch the surface.

  • Avoiding Scratches: Always use mats or trivets under utensils or other potentially sharp objects.

Granite Workshop's Commitment to Quality

We don't just offer marble; we provide pieces of history, slices of the Earth, natural stone artisan handcrafted pieces fashioned by nature. Our rigorous sourcing ensures that you receive the finest quality, and our master craftsmen provide your marble piece, whether a kitchen benchtop/countertop, fireplace, bathroom vanity,  or a bespoke furniture piece, is installed to perfection.


Marble isn't just a stone; it's an experience. It's the cool touch on a summer day, the luxurious backdrop in a spa-like bathroom, and the showstopper kitchen island. At Granite Workshop, we're here to make your marble dreams come to life.

Connect with us, and let's embark on a journey from the quarry to your space, creating magic with marble with our national multi-award-winning stone artisan team and experiencing our value-added approach for your next marble project. 

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